Hair Tip Tuesday


Brush your hair with care.

Your hair should always be brushed before you wash it. Start from the bottoms and work your way up. Hold your hair in a pony tail and comb out the knots from your hand down, then go up to your roots and brush out the rest of the tangles. Don't forget to comb the underneath hair as well.

Sometimes you need some help with a leave in detangler! I LOVE using It's a 10 it really help me when I need to remove tangles.

Be super gentle when you BRUSH WET HAIR.. especially if your hair is damaged or fragile.

The WET Brush is by far my favorite tool to get rid of my tangles, wet or dry it has flexible bristles that always get my knots out!



How regularly do you brush your hair?

Straight hair should be brushed each day to get rid of tangles. You can encourage your hair to grow by brushing it, the process helps loosen and remove dead skin from the scalp. It will also break up any clogged pores on the head that may be hindering the hair growth. 

Wavy hair should be brushed less often. most likely after washing, while your hair is still wet. After naturally drying your hair it is not suggested to brush your hair, it will become frizzy and untamed. 


I brush my hair when I get out of the shower after shampoo and conditioner. I usually Round brush my hair at night and than brush it again in the morning before using a heat styler. 


Do you brush your hair often?? Comment or leave me some questions!

Til Next Time!

-ALi Rae


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