Fight the Frizz!



Frizzzzzzzzzzy HAIR...... I'm sure everyone can agree that when it comes to our hair, frizziness trumps every other hair problem and man is the Struggle REAL!!! Here are a few tips to tame those frizzies at Home.


Remember to use cold water.  Washing your hair with warm water opens up the cuticle and cleanses the hair, but when the cuticle stays open it will cause your hair to become more frizzy. To close the cuticle and seal it back down, use a deep conditioner and rinse with Cold water, locking in moisture helping smooth your hair.  One of my favorite masks is Morrocanoil Intense Moisture Mask.

Let your hair air dry 75% of the way before blow-drying. It is a trick that us hairstylists use and it is honestly life changing! When your in the chair, I blow-dry the hair 75% of the way without any brushes to speed up the process. Letting your hair dry 75% of the way without disturbing the cuticle will results in smoother ends. Than when you blow-dry with a brush you'll get a much sleeker finish as the heat is being directed down the hair guiding the cuticle keeping it straight. Resulting in Oh-La-La so smooth and lots less FRIZZ. 



Keep the heat on your hot tools low. When the iron is too hot it causes damage to your hair by lifting the cuticle so don't forget to use a heat protectant, your hair will thank you! Your hair must be COMPLETELY dry before you use heat irons of any sort. For a light hold spray heat protectant all over your head before using heat tool. For a more intense hold and protectant spritz each section once or twice before applying heat. Kenra Platinum Hot Spray is uniquely formulated to prevent hair damage from heated tools and harmful UV rays, while adding shine and hold. One of my favorites. 


Wash less often. Once again it has been a cure for many of problems we encounter. If you have oily hair invest in a good dry shampoo, it will solve all your problems. Don't go crazy with the towel, it is very importation to blot the water out of your hair without damaging it.



SAy "Hello" to Beautiful Frizz Free hair!! 



Comment or leave some questions!

Til Next Time!

-ALi Rae


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