The Truth about Hair color.


Hair coloring has evolved so much in the last few years. There are many different methods and techniques with so many unique Hair stylists around the world designing them. But lets be Honest how do we truly know what their stylist did to they hair or how many sessions it took them to get there. 


Now you know your in the mood for a change, so you reach out to our stylists to book an appointment but have no idea what to ask for? We all know our first stop on our hair search is Pinterest. We look at these images of gorgeous hair and think I'd LOVE to switch my hair with theirs, But LADIES sometimes lets be real its not always logical. If you have thin hair search Thin hair haircuts. If you want to go from Black to Blonde, google it and you'll see all the transformations and what these girls go through to achieve these gorgeous light or pastel hair colors. Some processes are more intense than others but how can you differentiate each style and color? 


Most of us have gotten our hair colored at the Salon before, weather we are covering grey hairs or just wanting to alter our color. Hair color is labeled from 1-10. 1 Being the Darkest Black all the way to a 10 which is Lightest Blonde. There are existing colors past 10 but they are know as Platinum and translucent because there is no more pigment left inside the hair shaft making it very white/clear. 


A root touch up is referred to when you are wanting to just cover your grey or put one color on your roots of 3 inches or less. 



Now how do we know if we want a Foil or a Balayage?

Foiled highlights differ from Balayage highlights as the technique in which the highlighting of hair is dye by painted on to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. 

Foil highlighting is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair which will be lightened from strands of hair which will remain its natural color. The process is done by applying lightener to the hair that has been woven and separated using an applicator brush. A foil retouch can be done in a full or partial. I always recommend doing a full the first time and partial 2-3 times in between depending on the growth of your hair.

As for Ombre hair color it is a term used to when hair is darker at the root, and gradually gets lighter through the mid-shaft an even lighter on the ends. An Ombre color Can be achieved in many different ways.  with a Root touch up and a toning refresh.



Coloring your hair at home. Oh I get it Your all over, one color and you think you can do that at home? You can but make sure you don't use a box color. Ask me questions and I am never afraid to divulge some hair tips. Box color comes with one volume developer, when using the developer provided you are lifting your color just to DEPOSIT it right back in? WHY?? Silly if you ask me if you want healthy Hair. 


Soo please. ASK questions, Look up hair styles based on your color, Pay attention to the hair texture in the pictures and make sure you color fits your Lifestyle. 

Is there any other questions I can answer with Hair coloring?!


Til Next Time


-Ali Rae

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