Itchy Dry Winter Scalp

Everyone one of us has experienced dry, itchy, or flaky winter scalp. Winter dryness has us reaching for our lip balms, and moisturizers to rehydrate our skin during the colder temperatures, and your scalp is no exception. A dry scalp can be itchy, painful and embarrassing to deal with. I found some remedies to help you combat that dry scalp!


The key to a properly shampooing a dry scalp starts in the prep. Massage your scalp with a boar bristle brush before washing to remove build up of oil, hair product and skin cells. Pure boar bristles are designed to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oils from your scalp.  Wigo Boar Bristle is my go to!





Your scalp could also use some extra moisturizing. I recommending using coconut oil because it is a highly effective intense natural conditioner for your hair and  scalp. Rub the oil directly on your scalp and hair, put a showering cap on and leave for a minimum of 45 minutes or you can even leave it in overnight, leave the shower cap on and wash it out in the morning. Try keeping with a mask once a week until you’ve noticed an improvement–and you will!


Always go for a gentle, hydrating, and moisturizing shampoo, and avoid the ones targeted for oily scalps because they’ll be even more drying. However, if you’re dealing with severe redness and flaking, a medicated shampoo may be the next step up.  i would suggest getting a moisturizing shampoo like Moroccan Oil Hydrating shampoo, it's sulfate and paraben free.


Go Easy on the hair products. Cutting back on styling products is pretty important once you start experiencing any flaking or scalp irritation. Once you have a dry scalp condition, it’s important to start cutting back on products you’re using because there’s a decent chance that one of the things you’re using is actually causing the condition. Typically on the scalp, something like hair dye or even a response to certain shampoos, hair treatments, or styling products can cause a local irritation, and that can cause dryness.




**Beauty Tip**

In a pinch, try Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. Designed for severely dry hands, the botanical oils and beeswax in this amazing skin salve can also alleviate any irritation or flare-ups along the hairline. 



WHo else is struggling with dry scalp? Let me know if anything is useful or if you would like some more information on another topic.


Til Next Time.







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