Prevent Split Ends!


They ruin every blow out, braid and pony tail. Those pesky frayed ends leave our hair looking scruffy and damaged with a halo of unwelcome frizz. The only way to get rid of them is to book a Haircut -NOW-  but until you’re safely in my salon chair, let's try and improve their appearance as much as possible in the meantime, and stop them from coming back!!


Make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and texture. Try washing your hair less often, water and shampoo tend to dry out your hair which removes its natural oils. The way you wash your hair has an effect too. Hair is more elastic and more vulnerable to breakage when it’s wet, so be gentle when brushing it .


 To save on detangling you can comb your conditioner through in the shower. When you’re done I’d recommend towel-drying and use a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles. The wet brush is one of my favorites. Refer to my blog: Brush your hair with care if you need more information.  Start at the ends and work up so you don’t pull your hair.




Stay away from heat, this includes blow drying, flat ironing, and curling. Let your hair air dry, than if you need some extra styling make sure you turn down the temp on your hot tools. You can conceal your split ends with oils, serums and creams . These products act like glue smoothing the split ends down and giving them a much more nourished appearance.  The effect is just temporary and once it is washed out the splits will spring right back up. I suggest using Morroccanoil Treatment. The smell is delicious and extremely nourishing.


In the salon I see the most split ends from over use of straightening irons. There are thermal heat protectors that protect against hair dryers and others for straighteners and curling irons. MAKE SURE you get the right one! If you want to straighten your hair and use an oil, please put the oil on AFTER you straighten it. If you use an iron after using an oil it will burn just like too hot oil in a pan. Literally FRYING your ends.




But it’s not just heat styling that affects hair condition, your go-to everyday style are just as bad.  Ponytails are the worst especially when you use elastic bands or those hairbands with the metal section, which snags the hair. Try stretchy fabric bands or the plastic bobbles like the ones I give in your gift bags which are kind to hair as well as leaving it kink-free when you remove them.


In terms of the split ends you already have, a cut really is the only answer. If you only have a couple and you have a steady hand, you might be able to snip them off yourself. But between your regular hair appointment every two to three months, it’s a matter of using some clever tricks to hide them.


Are your split ends out of control? Did you find this information useful? 


-Til Next Time


Ali Rae




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